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Swan Hills Fun Hockey

Tom Parkinson Arena - 5536 Main Street Swan Hills


FunTeam Alberta promotes family oriented, low cost, and less competitive sport to be enjoyed by participants of all skill levels. We are an inclusive organization that encourage any activity to be FUN for the participants, parents, coaches, volunteers and the rest of the community!

Welcome to Swan Hills Fun Hockey!

FunTeam Alberta is a non profit organization focused on supporting community programs for children, youth and adults. Swan Hills joined Fun Hockey a few years ago to help with the everchanging needs of our community. Fun Hockey promotes fairness, equal playtime, developing both social and physical skills and teamwork. There is less time commitment with practices twice a week on Tuesday and Thursdays and games 2-3 times a month. This allows families time to go skiing, skiddoing or enjoy other winter time events. Games are within a 2 hour radius so you are not travelling all over Alberta which is more cost effective. We want every child to have the opportunity to play, if funding is a problem we have companies willing to sponsor a child if needed. Swan Hills has youth aged 4-14 that want to play, with this wide gap in ages we have 2 teams, the Littles and the Middles. This allows for kids of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the sport of hockey.

During games we open our booth and serve our Famous Arena Burger as well as other tasty treats, this helps keep costs down and helps cover ice rentals and tournaments without fundraising. This year we will have new jerseys that were sponsored by Aspenleaf Energy and our generous community that supported our tournaments. We usually have a Swan Hills Middles Fun Hockey tournament in February. 

Swan Hills Littles Practice Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm-7pm

Swan Hills Middles Practice Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:15pm-8:15 pm.

We are always looking for volunteers to help coach, ref and work the booth. If you are interested please reach out to us anytime.

We have a pizza party at Christmas and at the end of the year we have a wind-up party where we mix up the teams and play against the parents. 

Please register online starting September 13, 2022 until January 1, 2023 

Etransfer at shmhapresident@gmail.com

with your child's name or you can pay cash at the first practice thank you

First practice is now October 25th.

Powerskating Nov 5 and 6


What to Bring

What to bring?

The following is required for all players.

Hockey Bag

Water Bottle

Helmet with Cage

Shin Guards


Neck Guard

Elbow Pads

Shoulder pads

Hockey pants

Jock strap

Skates (skate guards)

Hockey socks (1 pair for games will be provided)

Practice jersey (1 home and Away Jersey for games will be provided)

Hockey Stick

Hockey tape for socks and sticks


Important: $10 of the listed registration fee covers your FunTeam membership which is required to join a FunTeam group. Please submit all of your fees to your Group Manager in a timely fashion as it is required to complete the registration process.

New Players $50 (this helps cover costs of equipment)

Returning Players $300

siblings $250

Swan Hills Grizzlies Littles Fee Breakdown
This team has no additional fees.
Swan Hills Grizzlies Middles Fee Breakdown
This team has no additional fees.

Group Leader Info

Name Jennifer Stenberg
Email jenstenberg@live.com
Phone Number 7803331576

Social Media

Facebook Page Swan Hills Hockey
Facebook Group Swan Hills Hockey


FunTeam volunteers are our most valuable resource. We can’t thank you enough for your commitment to our programming and bringing our model of sport to your community.

Volunteers are priceless and we cannot keep hockey going without our dedicated volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to coach Fun Hockey you will need to have a Criminal Record Check. If you would like to be a paid volunteer in our booth please send your name and number to Jen Stenberg. We have some fabulous team managers but still need jersey managers for each team. 


Swan Hills Grizzlies Littles
Welcome Littles! We have a wide variety of youth with different skill levels, we will focus on basic skills and teamwork.
Littles 4-9
  • Start Date: Oct 18, 2022
  • End Date: Mar 31, 2023
  • Max Participants: 20
  • Team Fees: $0.00
  • Team Contact
    Nina Samms
Swan Hills Grizzlies Middles
Swan Hills Middles is a team that focuses on building physical and social skills, teamwork and fairness. This team looks out for each other and has fun.
Middles 9-15
  • Start Date: Oct 18, 2022
  • End Date: Mar 31, 2023
  • Max Participants: 18
  • Team Fees: $0.00
  • Team Contact
    Angel Forsyth
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