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Sundre Hockey

Sundre - 101 2 Ave NW Sundre


General information/Dates to remember

v  Start date: Oct 18, 2019

v  When do we play?

·        We rotate between Friday evening, Saturday morning,  Saturday evening , & Sunday evening (T5) ice times

·        Away games are dependent on the other towns’ ice times but are always Friday-Sunday

v  Bacon sales begin: Oct 18, 2019
(info coming soon)

v  Mandatory coach/manager meeting: Oct 22, 7-9pm at the arena

v  Sundre tournament: Feb 7-9, 2020


Ø  Cost: $210 + tournament fee ($30/child or $50/family)

Ø  Age 4-18

Ø  2 bond cheques dated Mar 1, 2020: $75 each
(bacon fundraiser & tournament volunteering)


**All cheques made out to “Sundre Fun Team Rec Hockey”**

NOTE: All these steps must be complete before a child can step on the ice.

2nd registration date: Sept 18, 6:30-7:30pm at the Sundre library

Registration deadline: October 10, 2019

l  Registrations received after the deadline will be charged a $50 late fee/child

Join the Sundre Fun Team Rec Hockey Facebook page to stay up to date on what’s going on, as well as find forms & documents such as our Operating Policy, Job Descriptions, instructions to sign up on Fun Team Alberta, information about financial aid & our schedule.


Where Sundre
101 2 Ave NW Sundre
When Oct 18th - Mar 22nd
Max Participants 100
21 Spots Remaining

What to Bring

s  Helmet

s  Neck guard

s  Chest protector (shoulder pads)

s  Elbow pads

s  Athletic support (cup)

s  Gloves

s  Hockey pants

s  Shin pads

s  Socks

s  Hockey stick

s  Skates

s  Practice jersey (game jersey will be supplied)


***If you need a practice jersey, we have our old jerseys for sale for $5***



Important: $10 of the listed registration fee covers your FunTeam membership which is required to join a FunTeam group. Please submit all of your fees to your Group Manager in a timely fashion as it is required to complete the registration process.

$200 registration

$10 Fun Team insurance

Additional fees:  home tournament ($50/family or $30/child)  This can be included in the same cheque as registration.

Group Leader Info

Name Heidi Werdal
Email bhwerdal@gmail.com
Phone Number 403-638-3243


Every team needs volunteers to run!  If you would be willing to fill one of these positions, please contact us!


-        Plan and organize practices

-        Attend games and lead the team on the bench

-        Arrange for Assistant Coach(es) to fill in if unable to attend practice or game

-        Look after the team’s equipment (pucks, goalie equip etc.) & take necessary equipment to away games

-        MUST wear a helmet on the ice at all times

-        MUST provide a current criminal record check

-        Is REQUIRED to take Fun Team Alberta’s free on-line Concussion Awareness course



-        Hand out jerseys at the beginning of the year so parents can sew on name bars

-        Make sure all jerseys come back the next ice time

-        Hand out game jerseys at the beginning of each game and collect them afterward (players will have their own practice jersey which they are responsible for)

-        Wash jerseys according to proper care instructions between games (we want our new investment to last as long as possible )

-        Ensure all jerseys are clean, accounted for and handed in at the end of the season


-        Help the coach on the ice with practices and on the bench at games

-        Fill in for the coach if he can’t be at a practice or game

-        MUST wear a helmet on the ice at all times

-        MUST provide a current criminal record check

-         Is highly encouraged to take Fun Team Alberta’s free on-line Concussion Awareness Course



-        Come up with a plan for your team’s wind-up party at the end of the season that works for most of the team

o   We will gladly give suggestions if necessary

-        Handle communication regarding the wind-up party

-        Do what’s needed to pull off a fun event for the kids (delegation is totally allowed )


-        Book home and away games with other towns through email, phone and/or the Fun Team Group Leaders page

-        Enter the roster and schedule into Team Snap and update as necessary           

o   Note:  Team Snap is super simple and makes any Team Manager’s life easier (no cost to manager)

-        Is the point of contact for the team

-        Handle communication with coaches, parents and the Board (usually through Team Snap)

-        MUST provide a current criminal record check for Tier 1, 2, 3

(Tier 4 & 5 is only needed if you will be in the dressing room with players)

-        Be in communication with the board about any questions, concerns, etc






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