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Stony Plain Fun Team Hockey Group Full

Stony Plain - 1706 Westerra Loop, Stony Plain, AB


FunTeam Alberta promotes family oriented, low cost, and less competitive sport to be enjoyed by participants of all skill levels. We are an inclusive organization that encourage any activity to be FUN for the participants, parents, coaches, volunteers and the rest of the community!

***Registration will open at 9:00am on Saturday October 30, 2021 via the Fun Team Alberta Website.***

Our group is a small local organization that focuses on getting kids outside, being active and having fun.  The kids build on, and learn new, skating and hockey skills during our weekly outdoor ice slots, while also getting to do some team building events off the ice.

Our groups play twice a week, once during the week and once on the weekend.  The ice slots are 1 hour long, with 1/2 of the ice slot focusing on skill development and the other 1/2 being an internal scrimmage.

The majority of our ice slots are at the outdoor rinks in Stony Plain, so we are at the mercy of the weather.  Our groups follow guidelines similar to those for outdoor recess at schools where we are unable to run ice slots when the temperature is below -20 with wind-chill.  Our season is expected to run from Mid-December to Mid-March, depending on outdoor ice conditions.

Our groups are divided by age and skill level, so while we use age as the initial way to divide up the participants, we do arrange our groups based on skill levels so that everyone has an enjoyable time.

  • Starter: 6-8
  • Intermediate: 8-10
  • Junior: 10-12
  • Senior: 12+

The expected ice slot schedule is:

  • Starter: Tues 6:00-7:00/ Sat Noon-1
  • Intermediate: Wed 6:00-7:00/ Sun Noon-1
  • Junior: Tues 7:00-8:00 / Sat 1:00-2:00
  • Senior: Wed 7:00-8:00 / Sun 1:00-2:00

These are subject to change but we will try to keep them as close as possible to these times/days.

*** COVID Guidelines - Fun Team Alberta has laid out a comprehensive set of guidelines that Fun Team Hockey Stony Plain will be following.  These documents are available through the following link: https://www.funteamalberta.com/covid-19-resources

As the season kick off approaches we will review the COVID guidelines in place at that time and update all registrants on the protocols that will be followed.

What to Bring

Standard equipment that is required for all players is as follows:

  • Hockey stick
  • Padded hockey gloves
  • Helmet with cage
  • Neck guard
  • Chest and shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Athletic Jock (boys) or Jill (girls)
  • Hockey pants
  • Shin guards
  • Hockey socks
  • Skates

This equipment can be purchased new from our local sporting good stores, but there are also other great second hand options in our community and Edmonton:

We will access as the season nears if we can hold an equipment swap like we have had in prior years.


Important: $10 of the listed registration fee covers your FunTeam membership which is required to join a FunTeam group. Please submit all of your fees to your Group Manager in a timely fashion as it is required to complete the registration process.

If you experience payment processing issues online with the Fun Team Alberta Website, you can select the "Pay Later" option to complete your registration.

Fees can be paid via etransfer to funteamhockeystonyplain@gmail.com (For the password, please set it to your participants first name)


  • Jersey: $15 (Optional - Player to keep)

Once the groups are determined a jersey order form will be circulated so those that need jerseys can order them and we will have them in time for the start of the season.

Fee Breakdown

Ice Fees:


Team Equipment:


Year End Event:


Total per Participant

Required Costs 75.00 + 10.00 Fun Team Alberta Fee = $85.00 + 15.00 Jersey Fee (Optional)

Fee Breakdown
Season Fee
Total per Participant

Group Leader Info

Name Cody Parent
Email funteamhockeystonyplain@gmail.com
Phone Number


FunTeam volunteers are our most valuable resource. We can’t thank you enough for your commitment to our programming and bringing our model of sport to your community.

FunTeam volunteers are our most valuable resource. We can’t thank you enough for your commitment to our programming and bringing our model of sport to your community.

We will be requiring volunteers in each of our age groups this season, both Group Coaches and Group Assistant Coaches. The more volunteers we have available the smoother the season goes. There are varying amounts of time you would need to put in as a volunteer, but having people ready and willing to help is always welcome.  

We require:

  • Group Leader/Coach
  • Group Leader/Coach Assistant(s)

Each volunteer will be required to complete a Fun Team Alberta Volunteer Form, submit a current Criminal Records Check (CRC) and complete the Fun Team Alberta Informed Consent Form before the start of the season.

If you would like to become a volunteer this season, please register on the Fun Team Alberta website as a volunteer and send an email to finteamhockeystonyplain@gmail.com so some forms and information can be emailed to you for completion.

***During the season volunteers will have to complete the Fun Team Alberta COVID Screening Checklist before every ice time.***

Our Coaches are what makes this program a success, so we are always thankful for the time each of you are willing to contribute!

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